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WAVE tube line stage preamp                         $13000
  • Brand new Audio Mirror product! Line stage - tube based. 6S45P/6С45П is used. Better sounding than 417 tube, different pinout. Amazing soundstage, details, dynamics and resolution. Pure music is coming out of this preamp. Very detailed, but no fatigue. Very involving - makes you want to listen more and more. Super fast transients and lively sound. Completely new design. Following the simplicity theory of less is more. Output transformers. No capacitors at all in the signal path. Tube rectification - 6X5 tube. Vibration absorbing "Isoacoustics" GAIA feet. Remote control. With this preamp you have all the musicians invited in your listening room performing for you. 

    MSRP: $13000

    Promotional sale 30% off!!!

    WAVE tube line stage preamp $13000

    • Frequency Responce:  

        15hz - 70kHz +/- 3db

      T.H.D.    0.02%

      S/N ratio >90db


      Total inputs 6

      4 unbalanced linear inputs

      2 balanced linear inputs

      47kohm impedance


      1 XLR balanced output 60 ohm

      1 RCA unbalanced output 60ohm

      Output voltage up to 6V

      Preamp gain is 3            


      17 x 14 x 6.5 inches

      20 lb weight

      Tubes used:

      1 x 6X5 rectifier

      2 x 6С45П gain stage

    • The preamp has a delay turn ON/MUTE for about 1 minute.    

      The knob on the left side is a POWER ON/OFF rotary switch. The knob on the right side is multifunctional. It is a VOLUME control when rotated and INPUT SELECTOR when pushed.

      POWER ON/OFF knob once turned ON can be left at ON position and use the remote ON/OFF to turn ON and OFF the preamp. If you plan not to use preamp for long period of time, like more than a week, it is recommended to turn ot OFF from the power knob, not from remote.

      There is a switch on the rear panel for selecting XLR or RCA outputs. Both can not be used at the same time

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