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Audio Mirror line preamp LINEA  $3000
  • The new preamp LINEA from Audio Mirror is available now. It has 3 unbalanced line inputs and balanced and unbalanced outputs. Comes with remote control. No capacitors in the signal path. Stepped ladder attenuator. Uses one double triode tube 6N23P(Russian). The equivalent tubes you can try are: 6922,6DJ8,ECC88, E88CC. There are other tubes with same pinout like 6N1P, E288CC etc. which won't sound good, because the tube circuit uses output transformer and requires the tube used to have a certain plate/internal resistance. You can try 6N1P, E288CC, but you will experience dull, low resolution sound, distorted a bit and not involving at all. So speaking about sound.... This preamp has a very liquid, easy flowing sound with great resolution and transparency. Very dynamic and textured. Much clearer highs and tight low end without any fatigue while listening. Vocals with a lot of presence but not shouting in your face. The feeling you get comparing this preamp to other much pricey ones is like you have removed a veil between you and speakers and you will be discovering much more details and microdetails. You just dip into music. There are no caps in the signal path. It follows the theory saying"the best cap is a no cap"! Uses output transformer instead. Thus improving the linearity, resolution, immediacy and dynamics. Using transformers also achieves much lower output impedance. Overal the preamp was compared to preamps in the price range of $15k-20k and outperforms them. 

    Can be ordered with SR Orange or SR Purple fuse at extra cost.

    Price: $3000 

    Audio Mirror line preamp LINEA $3000

    • Frequency Responce:  

        15hz - 70kHz +/- 3db

      T.H.D.    0.02%

      S/N ratio >90db


      3 auxilary linear inputs

      47kohm impedance


      1 XLR balanced output 60 ohm

      1 RCA unbalanced output 60ohm

      Output voltage up to 6V

      Preamp gain is 5            


      SR Orange fuse :


      SR Purple fuse:



      13 x 12 x 3 inches

    • The preamp has the same footprint and aestetics design/look as the Tubadour DAC. It is intended when you have both units , to be easy for the eye to stack them.

      The preamp has a delay turn ON/MUTE for about 1 minute.    

      The knob on the left side is a POWER ON/OFF rotary switch. The knob on the right side is multifunctional. It is a VOLUME control when rotated and INPUT SELECTOR when pushed.

      There is a switch on the rear panel for selecting XLR or RCA outputs. Both can not be used at the same time


      Preamp comes with remote control having all the functions except you can not turn ON/OFF the preamp power. When you push DSP on the remote, display shows for a few second what input is selected.


      It is not a good idea to leave the preamp ON all the time like you do with solid state equipment. It will shorten the tube life.  It needs about 5-10 minutes for warming up to produce the best sound

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