• The "REFLECTION" 45 Watt per channel mono blocks are a real piece of art, not only nice for the eyes but for the ears too. They are based on the 6C33C Russian tubes. Check out the article explaining why this tube in the FAQ section. It's not a coincidence. It's a result of many many trials and different designs with many different tubes. So far this tube is the queen!! The monoblocks are all triode design. DC couples input and driver stages. Unique biasing is implemented. As a result you get amazingly dynamic sound, very low and well controlled bass, super-fast transients, and really high dynamic power. They reach 100 watts peaks with no clipping. What else to say....

    Silver wires are used for the signal, High-End caps, custom made output transformers. It's not only the parts that make these amps so great. It is the fact that a lot of listening, actually very critical listening has been done and a lot of tweaks and changes have been made to satisfy our ears. You probably know that specs can show you some of the characteristics, but some of the important stuff like warm or cold sound, open airy and live or compressed sterile and clinical cannot be describbed by specs. So yes, read the specs - they'll give you some idea of the qualities of the amps. The rest is done by your ears. These amps are suitable for speakers with sensitivity of 88db and up. Of course, you can use 87db speakers with great success, but if you like to listen loud, then you'll need more sensitive speakers - 89db and up. That's how you can enjoy all the glory of these monoblocks.

    Recently the amps got new totally re-designed output transformers resulting in big improvement in details and tonality. Much better and very articulated low end/bass. Clearer highs with more resolution and details and darker background. Very refined mids/vocals. These are the main improvevents acomplished by the new output transformers. They require a bit longer brake in time. Around 100 hrs.

    6C33C Russian tubes are really one of the best sounding tubes capable of this much power. Unfortunately Russian quality control is not the best, so sometimes you have faulty tubes you have to deal with.

    After many years fighting with this problem, finally I tamed the beast. These amps have build in protection. Protection monitors the output tubes for over biasing, over voltage, arcing and overdriving. If any of this occurs, it will shut down the HT and will indicate which tube is bad.

    Tubes come with 90 days warranty. Amps have 2 years. 

    Now a little bit about the stunning look of the monoblocks! They are made out of stainless steel. Yes, stainless steel! The base is black tinted (titanium plated) stainless steel and the transformer covers are copper tinted (titanium plated) color. So, the appeal of the amps is unique and stylish following Audio Mirror's idea of designing best sounding and looking products.

    Please contact us with any questions.


    MSRP: $4999.00


    Audio Mirror REFLECTION 45W mono blocks SET class A - $4999

    • 45 watts per channel at 8 ohms
      90db S/N ratio
      0.8% T.H.D. at 45W
      input signal 1v/47kohm
      42lb weight
      optional balanced input
      dimensions 9x18x9 inches


    • 45W SET MONO Blocks user manual


      Switch between the transformer covers

      This switch is cutting OFF the HT. High voltage. So in case you have brand new tubes(power tubes) you need to burn them in. 6C33C need a burn in period between 15-24 hrs. So if you flip the switch you won’t have high voltage and you’ll have only filaments ON. That’s how you burn in your power tubes. Flip the switch, leave the power tubes in the sockets. The other 2 small tubes you can leave or remove doesn’t matter. Turn ON the amps and leave them. You won’t hear a “click” from delay relay after 1 minute. After you finished(15-24hrs burn in) flip the switch back.

      If you flip the switch while the amps are working - you’ll loose the high voltage and they’ll stop producing sound. Nothing else will happen. You won’t burn anything.

      When switch is pointing(flipped) to SPK terminals is ON.



      Protection is designed to do a few things.

      1-1.5 min delay on turn ON

      When tubes have runaway or arcing - shuts OFF

      Excessive bias - shuts OFF

      When tubes are overdriven - shuts OFF

      When protection is engaged one or two of the LEDs(one by each power tube) lights ON to show which tube is having issues(arching or runaway or bias is creeping up). The LED stays lighted up until you power OFF the amp.

      Powering OFF and then ON the amp resets the protection.

      It’s very helpful to know which tube is the “bad boy”, because most protections will just shut OFF the HT of the amp and you don’t know which tube caused this.


      Tube placement

      6C33C doesn’t matter in which socket they go. They are autobiased.

      The small tubes:

      6H9C=6SL7 go to the socket which is on the same side where the input/RCA is.

      6H8C=6SN7 go to the socket which is on the same side where the speaker binding posts are.

      Monoblocks tube positions are mirrored.