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Audio Mirror is a dealer for Audiobyte products, Rockna Audio products and Triangleart products.

Please inquire about this products at our email:

Audio Mirror is working on two new products. 

After very successful launch of the Tubadour III SE DAC, it was obvious that there is a huge interest in next model  DAC. The new model Tubadour DAC  will be Tubadour IV SE DAC. It's expected to be launched at the and of January. It will have a USB re-clocker which improves the sound from USB source a lot.
MSRP: $3500

Audio Mirror Line preamp is coming soon. It will have the same external look and design as the Tubadour DAC, so they will be a perfect match. The preamp will have 3 line inputs and remote. Includes stepped attenuator with relays, volume level and input digital indicator. Design is based on tubes and have same minimalistic approach able to achieve lowest distortions, highest linearity and the most natural and musical sound.
MSRP: $3000

Current Tubadour III SE DAC will have a 20% increase after January 2022 due to highly increased prices of all parts worldwide. In order to keep production running we have to do this.

Big brother DAC to follow

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