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Audio Mirror is a dealer for Audiobyte products, Rockna Audio products, Dynavector, Audioquest, Synergistic Research, Isoacoustics and Triangleart products.
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Audio Mirror has 3 new products. 
First month after the new products are launched buyers will have a 20% discount as a promotion.

Tubadour V R2R TUBE DAC
Tubadour V is now available.  New design. Tube power supply, two incredible sounding tubes in the analog stage, output transformers  and no capacitors in the signal path. So far compared to Lampizator Pacific - sounds more refined, with wider, airy soundstage, better low end, and better resolution. Same aesthetic design/look and same footprint. Pictures and info coming soon.
MSRP: $7500

Addiction SET class A 45W power amps - mono blocks.
Completely new design, super high end, no compromise parts.
Redesigned power supply giving the amps unheard dynamics and transients.
New driver stage with way better resolution. Easy driving difficult loads.
New super modern look. Pictures and info coming soon.

MSRP: $21000

WAVE preamp is tube based preamp with 6 inputs (4 RCA and 2 XLR).
Super linear stepped attenuator for volum
e. Remote control.
This is a end game preamp which will put your quest for best sound to an end.

Resolution is unbelievable. Singers are right in front of you with fuller body and soundstage and easy flowing, liquid sound making you to listen more and more music.
Pictures and info coming soon.
MSRP: $13000

Big brother DAC to follow

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